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New Camper Application

Please copy and paste information into an email along with the required documents. You may also request a PDF version of this application by emailing here! 

Hello from Camp!

Thank you for your interest in our facility & for taking the time to complete this application for camp. Please note before continuing:

1. All campers over the age of 1 year must be spayed or neutered in order to come to camp. 

2. We require an evaluation day camp day for all applicants. If your application is selected, we will contact you to reserve your requested overnight dates and your evaluation day camp date. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor a reservation for overnight camping without this evaluation. (Dogs under one year old may be exempt from this on a case-by-case basis) 

The safety and security of our campers is our first priority. Providing us with answers to all the questions below will help us determine if your camper is a good candidate for camp. Kindly supply the following information: 

Owners Name:

Spouse/Partners Name:


Mom's Cell Phone Number:

Dad's Cell Phone Number:

Primary Email:

Emergency Contact: 

Name & Phone # to contact in the unlikely event of an emergency. Please do not list spouse/partner.

Cell Phone Provider:

If you would like text message confirmations when booking – please tell us who your Cell Provider is?  We promise to never ask you about your cars extended warranty!


Do you have specific dates in mind for camp? If so, please list below (w/ drop off/pick up time frames). It's okay if you don't, right now!

                                                                            Drop Off Date:                    AM or PM drop off?

                                                                            Pick up Date:                       AM or PM pick up?

Overnight Campers Drop Off and Pick Up Times (Non-Holiday)

Mon- Fri:  8:30am - Noon (AM) or 5-7pm (PM)

Saturday:  8:30am - Noon only (AM)

Sunday:    5pm - 7pm only (PM)

Visit for holiday office closures and deposit requirements for holiday bookings.

Camper #1



Male or Female:

Spayed or Neutered: 


Date of Birth:

Current Weight:

Vet Clinic Name and Phone Number:

Are the vaccinations of this camper listed under the owner’s name at this vet?

Please answer the following questions for Camper #1:

1. Has your dog ever successfully jumped/scaled a 6-foot fence? 

    If yes, please provide detailed information: Where, when, how, circumstances, etc. 


2. Has your dog ever successfully dug out of a fenced area?

    If yes, please provide detailed information: Where, when, how, circumstances, etc. 


3. Has your dog ever suffered an injury by another dog?

     If yes, please provide details and how that has affected his socialization with other dogs:


4. Has your dog ever injured another dog? 

    If yes, please provide detailed information: Where, when, how, circumstances, etc. 

5. Has your dog ever injured a human? 

    If yes, please provide detailed information: Where, when, how, circumstances, etc. 


6. Has your dog ever successfully slipped a properly fitted harness or collar? 

    If yes, please provide detailed information: Where, when, how, circumstances, etc. 


7. Has your dog been in a play group with multiple other dogs? 

     If yes, when was the last time and how did he/she do?


8. Has your dog ever attended a doggie daycare? 

     If yes, when was the last time and how did he/she do?


9. Has your dog ever stayed overnight at a boarding facility? 

     If yes, when was the last time and how did he/she do?


10. Has your dog ever attended any sort of obedience training?

      If yes, when was the last time and how did he/she do?


11. While most dogs want to socialize, some choose not to. We do not force socialization on any dog that comes to camp.    

      What is your opinion of your dog’s desire for companionship with other dogs?


12. How does your dog react when another dog approaches him/her while on leash?


13. How does your dog react when another dog approaches him/her while off leash?


14. How does your dog react with toys or treats present in a group setting with other dogs?


15. How does your dog react if you need to take food/treats/toys away from him/her?


16. How does your dog handle being alone while you are away from home?


17. Is your dog crate trained?


18. On a scale of 1 – 10 (one being the least) how would you rate your dog on a social scale?


19. Is your dog currently on required monthly or quarterly flea/tick prevention? 

     If not, please tell us why- 


20. Is your dog on any medication?

       If yes, please share with us what the medication is for?

       If yes, does this condition prevent your dog from any activities at camp.


21. What is your favorite thing about your dog? 


22. What behaviors about your dog frustrate you?


23. Is there any place on your dog’s body that does not like to be touched?


24. What are you hoping that Day Camp or Overnight camp will do for you and your dog?


25. Is there anything we need to know about your dog to keep them safe at camp? 

       If yes, - please provide a detailed answer.


26. Are you a current client at camp already and are applying for a new family member?


27. Do you have a friend whose dogs are campers of ours?

       If yes, - who and may we call them for a reference regarding your dog?

       If no, - how did you hear about us?


28. Please acknowledge your understanding that all campers over 1 year be spayed/neutered.

      Puppies may come to camp up to 1 year then must be spayed/neutered in order to continue to come to camp.    

 29. Please acknowledge your understanding of our day camp evaluation day requirement for       

      both Day Campers and Overnight Campers. 


30. Please send us a current photo of your dog. We will not review an application without a photo.


31. Please attach a copy of your dog’s current shot records for us to review. A receipt from their last visit usually indicates   

      dates due to shots and that is what we need. Please check with your vet specifically about the Canine Influenza. This   

      vaccination is required and is the most often overlooked vaccination for owners. We will not review an application    

      without a shot record. Please see Things to Know (below) for more information.

     All campers must be current on the following vaccinations in order to come to camp:

   DHLPP * Bordetella * Canine Influenza * Rabies.

If you have multiple dogs applying to camp please answer questions 1-31 for each dog!

Things to Know:
We work exactly like a hotel. Check out time is at noon Monday - Saturday. There is no charge for the last day if pick up is before noon. If your campers spend the entire day with us and are picked up between 5-7pm the daily rate applies and the room is theirs until noon the following day in the event you get delayed. We do not offer a morning pick up time on Sunday while we prepare our weekend campers to leave so all campers are charged for the day.

Day Camp drop off is Monday - Friday 8:30am - Noon, however we request you arrive by 10am to enjoy all activities and group play. Pick up is anytime between 5-7pm. Day camp cannot be tacked on to an overnight reservation. Day campers are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the evening the same day.

We offer Room Service to all campers.  Our current menu can be located under the More Tab on the main menu and will give you an idea of some activities that go on at camp. These fun addons for our campers help support a different rescue, or individual case, each month. Win-Win! If you decide you want anything off the room service menu, we will supply the menu to you at check in.

In the event your dog is not selected as a camper during the next round of selections, it does not mean that you do not have a fabulous dog. Often times it simply means that we cannot accommodate everyone who wants a space at camp due to our size limitations. We choose to stay small to maintain our personal promise of giving our campers all they deserve.  We would love for all dogs to come play – however, we are small and can accommodate only a select few. Other times it means we have made a determination we are not the right fit for your dog. We are a fabulous place for most dogs, but certainly not the best fit for all dogs. We want dogs to be safe, healthy and happy. If we believe we cannot keep those 3 promises, our duty is to be forthright and honest about that. We will let you know why we made the determination that we did. If your dog was not chosen in a specific round of selection due to availability you can request consideration in the next round.

Please ensure all questions are answered as honestly as you can.  The questions are not a test. They are simply used as a gauge to determine if we can safely care for a member of your family. Please send shot records even if you are missing the Canine Influenza. We will review an application without proof of the Canine Influenza however, if chosen, your camper will be required to get that before evaluation day. Do not forget to include a photo of your dog. We will only review applications that are complete.

We make every effort to get the status of campers’ selection to you as soon as we possibly. We suggest that you always have a backup plan in the event your camper is not selected. We have had hundreds of applicants for each round of selection and typically only choose ten new campers (day campers and overnight campers) with 5 alternates so a backup plan is essential.

Lastly, this form is not a confirmation of secured reservation dates.  If you have immediate needs for overnight care, we can provide you with a recommendation of a facility that we trust and does not require an application or selection. Our process does not allow us to be able to book immediate needs for new clients.  Please watch the website for selection opening and closing dates for New Campers.  You may turn your application in at any time however selections will not occur outside of the dates posted on the website.

Current families of Bed and Biscuits who are applying for a new family member - please let us know that.  We use a different process for your dogs.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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